франц фыаворитки


Фаворитки  французских королей и аристократической знати. Жизнеописания и другие исторические материалы см.:





Marie Touchet (1549 – 28 March 1638), Dame de Belleville, was the only mistress of Charles IX of France. by jean de Court.


Агнес Сорель  (фр. Agnès Sorel, ок. 1422— 9  февраля 1450) — Дама де Боте (фр. Dame de Beauté — Дама Красоты); возлюбленная французского короля Карла VII,

Agnès Sorel — anonyme XVIe.


Agnès Sorel (1422[1] – 9 February 1450), known by the sobriquet Dame de beauté, was a favourite mistress of King Charles VII of France, by whom she bore three daughters. Melun-Diptychon (Portrait of Agnès Sorel as Madonna with child) Date circa 1456.


Françoise de Foix, Comtesse de Châteaubriant (c. 1495 – 16 October 1537) was a mistress of Francis I of France.


Diane de Poitiers (3 September 1499 – 25 April 1566) was a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier at the courts of king Francis I and his son, King Henry II of France. She became notorious as King Henry’s favourite.


The painting A Lady in Her Bath by François Clouet possibly depicts Diane de Poitiers. c. 1571


Anna Jeanne de Pisseleu d’Heilly, Duchess of Étampes (1508 – 1580), was the mistress of Francis I of France. AnnedePisseleu by Corneille de Lyon.

Anne de Pisseleu by F.Clouet


Françoise «Fanchon» Pitel de Longchamp (17 January 1662 – 30 September 1721) was a French actress. She retired from the theater in 1701 and became a mistress of Louis, le Grand Dauphin, by whom she had three daughters. 1690s


Marie Émilie de Joly de Choin (Marie Émilie Thérèse; 2 August 1670 – 1732) was a French lady-in-waiting, the lover and later the morganatic spouse of Louis, Dauphin of France.


Louise de la Béraudière (1530-1611) was a French courtier. She served as dame d’atour to the queen of France, Louise of Lorraine, from 1575 until 1590. She was known for her affair with king Antoine of Navarre.



Odette de Champdivers (also known as Oudine or Odinette; b. about 1390 — d. ca. 1425) was the mistress of Charles VI of France (the Mad). She was called la petite reine («the little queen») by Charles and contemporaries. Odette and Charles VI by François Guizot, circa 1875.


Гортензия Манчини (итал. Ortensia Manciniфр. Hortense Mancini6 июня 1646Рим — 2 июля 1699ЧелсиБольшой Лондон) — французская аристократка итальянского происхождения, одна из четырех сестер — племянниц кардинала Мазарини, фаворитка французского короля Людовика XIV и английского короля Карла II. С 1661 года — после вступления в брак — герцогиня Мазарини.


Janet Stewart, Lady Fleming (1502-1562), illegitimate daughter of James IV of Scotland, mistress to Henry II of France, portrait by George Jamesone


Maria Countess Walewska (née Łączyńska; 7 December 1786 – 11 December 1817) was a Polish noblewoman and a mistress of Emperor Napoleon I. Maria Walewska by François Gérard.



Marie Louise d’Esparbès de Lussan, by marriage vicomtesse then comtesse de Polastron (Bardigues, 19 October 1764 – London, 27 March 1804) was a member of the Esparbès de Lussan family and the mistress of the comte d’Artois, who later reigned as Charles X of France. Pastel of Louise d’Esparbès de Lussan by Alexandre Kucharski


Sophie Dawes (c. 1795 – 1840), Baronne (Baroness) de Feuchères by marriage, was an English «adventuress» best known as a mistress of Louis Henry II, Prince of Condé. Portrait of Sophie Dawes, Baronne de Feuchères, by Alexis Leon Louis Valbrun



Harriet Howard, born Elizabeth Ann Haryett (1823–1865) was a mistress and financial backer of Louis Napoleon, later Napoleon III of France. Cappelaere Portrait Miss Haryett Howard. 1850


Filippa Duci (French — Philippa Desducs; 1520, Moncalieri, Piedmont — before October 1586, near Tours), dame de Couy, was an Italian courtesan.Mistress of dauphin Henry (later Henry II of France). giving birth to their daughter Diane de France in Paris in 1538.


Eléonore Denuelle (13 September 1787 – 30 January 1868) was a mistress of Emperor Napoleon I of France and the mother of his son Charles, Count Léon. by François Gérard, ca. 1807


Zoé Victoire Talon (August 5,[1] 1785 – March 19, 1852), styled comtesse du Cayla, was an intimate friend and confidante of Louis XVIII of France, and was his maîtresse-en-titre. The comtesse du Cayla with her children, Ugoline and Ugolin; painting by François Gérard (1825)


Thimoléone-Rose-Caroline Chevalier Lavit, known by her married name as Alexandrine-Caroline (or Caroline or simply Mme) Branchu (2 November 1780 – 14 October 1850) was a French opera soprano of mixed race who was born in Cap-Français, Saint-Domingue the former French colony. She was briefly a mistress of Napoleon. Caroline Branchu in the rôle of Julie in La Vestale by Gaspare Spontini, 1807.


Amy Brown (8 April 1783 – 7 May 1876) was the English mistress of Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, younger son of King Charles X of France and Marie Thérèse of Savoy.